Thursday, April 12, 2018

My thoughts for you..

Dear readers,

I know I have been very sporadic with my writing but most days I am on complete zombie mode by the time I get home that bed seems like the only thing on my mind.

Laksh still isn't sleeping through the night so hubby and I (mostly him 😉) take turns waking up with him, which can be exhausting after working long hours.
Being a parent is the most rewarding and most terrifying experience in life.  When we add working parent  to it, that makes it a little more challenging and then comes a child with special needs. In the past 8 months, (yes Laksh is 8 months old already) what I have learned is that, more difficult the circumstances, more rewarding it becomes.  Like anything else in life, the more you have to work for it, the more you appreciate it. There are days you wish life was a little easy but easy is boring. Easy is like getting stuck in a rut without any excitement. Easy is like eating the same flavor of ice cream day after day and everyone knows that variety is the spice of life.

Every single day, I wake up grateful that God gave me this responsibility. I do think that we get only what we can handle even if it may not seem so in the beginning. Always keep that in mind.  Next time you see an over worked parent, dont be quick to judge but simply empathize. I know it's easy to mock but it's divine to understand instead. Love what you have and appreciate what you don't.

Leaving you guys with a couple pics of my baby at his 8 month birth day. 

Sorry if there are any mistakes, wrote this on my phone while riding the subway to work. Be kind always folks. 


  1. Lovely and honest insights, as always. And those bunny pictures! LOVE!

  2. Awww, thank you so much. He turned 8 months on Easter.❤

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