Wednesday, September 9, 2020

First day of school 2020

Yesterday was the Laksh’s first day of school. We had imagined the first day of school to be so different than what actually happened. 

We imagined packing lunches and picking out outfits. We imagined taking a bus ride with his peers. We imagined  lots of hugs and tears. We imagined a group to 3 year olds playing and learning together. We imagined a super excited Laksh returning home after spending his very first day in school. Harry Wong rightly said, “The most important day of a person’s education is the first day of school, not Graduation Day.” We wanted everything to go perfectly on his first day to school. 

Instead, due to the pandemic and our decision to let Laksh learn remotely for now to keep him, baby Veer and others in our house safe, this is what the first day of school looked like. Instead of taking a bus ride we walked to the living room table. Instead of packing lunch we packed our ass on the chair and instead of learning together, 3 year old kids struggled to stay in one place while looking at their screens. But through this all, Laksh’s excitement to learn remained the same. 

Laksh has always been curious and intrigued by new things and eager to learn about them. I hope my darling this excitement always remains the same. I wish you learn and grow as you are meant to and may you have an inclusive and loving support system wherever you go. May you always be seen as Laksh and not as a diagnosis. Spread your wings and fly my baby, you are meant to soar through the skies. 


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