Friday, January 5, 2018

God is good but are we?

Today, I came across this story of a beautiful baby girl called Norah Mae. She is this awesome and fierce girl who was born with Trisomy 13. Though she lived here for 5 days, her life continues to give strength to others. When I read her story that her mom writes at, I came to realize the strength these amazing mothers have. I also talked about this beautiful and strong baby Colton, who unfortunately passed away and is now in the arms of angels. His life has also been a source of encouragement and joy to so many others. You can read about him at These mothers and their extremely special babies have made me happy and yet made my cry so hard. I would sincerely like to thank you for the courage you showed and for sharing your stories with us. Thank you for letting us into your lives and giving us a chance to get to know your precious babies.

Since before I became a mother, I have always been very sensitive about what others say and very protective about myself and my loved ones. After Laksh came in our lives, these instincts are on a all time high. My heart aches so much for other mothers and their babies and it feels so much joy for them as well. Laksh has already taught us so much that most people take for granted, even most parents. Laksh showed us this whole new world filled with babies with different abilities and yet each one of them, simply perfect.

When Laksh was diagnosed after birth and had to spend over 60 days in the NICU, I remember struggling with it and being angry with the universe and God for doing this to my sweet baby. Everytime Laksh had to get his IV changed, or pricked and prodded;  he would cry for the longest time and my heart would break and my anger would grow. I hate to admit but I was angry at God. I thought that he was punishing my baby because of some fault of mine. At that time, I failed to realize that God is good and God is our creator. So if we hurt, he hurts. He would never hurt us and always trust Him, as only He knows what His plans are. Since then, I have come to believe very strongly in God's plan and believe He has a greater purpose for Laksh and us. I think, through Laksh, He is teaching us to be better people and through this blog, I am trying to share more about Laksh with the world.

Laksh has taught me how to see each person as an individual and to respect their choices. How we should try to understand their journey. How to be sensitive to others and what they are going through. Being grateful for what God thought you were able to handle and blessed you with. So let our babies teach us some very valuable lessons. Next time, when you see someone in need, be the one to help them. When you see someone grieving, try to be the one to comfort them, and if you can't at least do not add to it. When you see someone being treated unfairly, raise your voice for them. Even though, I know and believe that God is good, sometimes, I still wonder, then why do little babies have to die? Why do little babies have to suffer? Why do people have to go hungry when there is so much food in the world? Why are differences not celebrated but mocked and bullied? I hope someday, we get to see the world where kindness is not an unexpected gesture would simply the way to live.

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