Monday, January 29, 2018

Not the child one may want but definitely the child one needs

Dear readers,

It has been a while since I have been able to blog. Life has been busy and I am grateful but that meant not being able to blog for a while. In this time, lots of new developments have happened, some good and some disappointing.

The good ones first:

Laksh is almost 6 months old, I am so excited to be planning his half birthday. Can't believe my baby boy is almost 6 months old. How time flies, it is amazing. We also finally had a newborn/baby photo shoot for Laksh which turned out pretty well. Here are some glimpses of it



And now the disappointing part:
A lot of people in the DS community may have already heard about the special of Tom Segura rightly named "Diagraceful" that is to be aired on Netflix where he makes a joke about the usage of the word, “retard” and how it is no longer politically correct and questions if one should say ‘a person with the extra 21’st chromosome’? My question to him is, when has bullying been regarded as humor? When has mocking at someone's differences made you stronger or funnier? Why is it that you find the need to target a group of people who have never said a mean word about anyone and all they ever want is to be treated as human beings, just like anyone else.
When a fellow mom from the Down Syndrome community commented on his social media page, conveying her distasteful reaction to what he calls art, in response, Mr. Segura commented, “Netflix, please don’t take my special down. That’d be so retarded.” He not only denied making an attempt to try and understand what he said wrong or its ramifications, he went on to say it again, in an attempt to appear "funny" . I think it is weak that you can only get a few laughs from people at the expense of someone else, and in this case, many such individuals who had nothing to do with it whatsoever. I have been a part of this community for a short time but as passionate as any one else. No one chooses to have a child with special needs, but one can always choose to love, choose to accept and choose to being kind. As a parent, you may understand the overprotective instinct that comes with the territory, the need to protect your child from the tiniest of troubles, the need to be his or her advocate and making sure your child gets all the good things life has to offer. 
It surprises me that despite being lucky enough to have a child, you aren't lucky enough to learn acceptance and kindness for them. I feel sorry for you and your ignorance. Having a child with down syndrome makes you privy of unconditional love and have a deep appreciation for happiness. Always remember if you decide to have another child, and that child is blessed with an extra chromosome, the same people you mock now, would welcome you with open arms. That is why I feel that we all need to have such a blessing bestowed upon us so we can learn what it actually means to live life to the fullest.

I would urge everyone to please sign the petition and contact Netflix yourself to rate Tom Segura’s “comedy” show. You can reach them at or contact the CEO Reed Hasting at 


  1. First of all, Laksh (means lucky, yes?) is a divinely gorgeous boy.

    Secondly, your words are very clear and strong. I will share this and I thank you.

    Kisses to that handsome boy XOXO

    Holly Christensen

    1. Laksh means goal or aim that you work towards but yes he has been very lucky for us. Thank you so much for your kind words and support. And thank you from Laksh as well.

  2. Insensitive people such as Tom Segura think it's okay to crack jokes at the expense of demeaning other blessed souls because that's all they can do. They need to rise above their low levels to even understand what we mean to say. Hopefully some day they shall rise and see beyond their narrow mindedness and accept the blessings of God. May goodness prevail.

    1. I agree. That's the problem with most of the people that spread hatres, their ignorance.


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