Thursday, August 1, 2019

Happy 2nd birthday to my lifeline

Oh where have the last two years gone? It  seems like it was yesterday when I was laying in the hospital bed waiting in eager anticipation of meeting you.

This is your second year in our life my darling Laksh, but you already have succeeded to change our lives and make it so complete and happy. You are our lifetime happiness.  Baby, you are the main reason which makes your mom and dad smile and also in some way the world around you. We can’t resist your sweet charm and neither can the people that come across you. You my sweet angel are a total heart stealer.

I love watching you grow, my sweet little boy. Your personality is amazing. You are so funny, smart, and so adorable. You have everyone wrapped around you little finger, especially your mummy. You are such a narrative shifter and I love that in mere 24 months, you have made such a difference in the way people see differently abled people.

You my sweet baby, rock the extra chromosome so well that it makes me wonder, why did I ever worry about anything. You are my guiding star, my love, my reason for being, and my Laksh. Mummy and daddy hope you achieve everything you ever want in life and much much more. Always be kind and happy.

Baby, we wish you a very happy birthday and we love you so much!


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