Friday, October 27, 2017

The light of my life

I know my last blog was a bit more focused on me and less on Laksh. I promise I will do a better job of talking more about him and his day than me.

October 19th 2017 was my baby's first Diwali (For those readers who are not familiar with Diwali, here is a website that beautifully explains it; ). Diwali has always been one of my most favorite time of the year, second to Christmas of course.

That day started like any other. Laksh woke up 3 times in the night to feed or get changed or just to snuggle (like he does every day). He did not know this is a big day for him but I did. In my head, I was trying to figure out a way to make this Diwali special for him. Of course, he is too young to know what it means just yet but I still wanted this to be something awesome for him to look back to.

As the day went by, Laksh and I got caught up in our day to day activities and the focus on Diwali kept slipping. Diwali is where spring cleaning meets Christmas but neither was the house clean nor was it brightly lit up. Hubby was at work and I was enjoying the last of my unpaid maternity leave with Laksh (that is a whole other discussion) when I got a minute to breathe and saw the clock. It was already 4.30, Hubby was still at work and everyone else was napping (excluding Laksh of course). I called hubby and asked him to leave quickly while I started deep cleaning the apartment like that is the last thing I would do. In two hours, we had the apartment cleaned up and decorated, sweets made for the pooja, and showered and dressed up versions of ourselves were ready as well.

Electric tea light candles and string lights

Paper lanterns placed all over the apartment

Laksh's first Diwali gift from his older sister Sheen
Sweets for pooja and the mandir

            My mother (type A personality just like me) bought us some matching traditional outfits to wear

Then began the pooja (prayers) and celebrations. If we would have been in India, we would have lit some firecrackers as well. Did I forget to mention firecrackers? Well in that case, Diwali is mix of Christmas, 4th of July and Spring cleaning with plenty of firecrackers (which now I am against, global warming and all).

We got so caught in these minute preparations that we simply forgot to cook any dinner. In a way we started (or were forced to start out of severe hunger) our own tradition of eating out. Diwali dinner would be a 'family dinner' just not in the house. When Laksh is older, we will tell him how well thought out his first Diwali celebrations were and how we intentionally started this tradition of eating out.

Diwali is a symbol of triumph of good over evil and light over darkness. In a similar fashion, my precious baby has helped me replace all the darkness that years of ignorance had created with the light of awareness and acceptance. Thank you my preciousness.

Memories of moments celebrated together…….
Moments that have been attached in my heart, forever…….
Make me appreciate you even more this Diwali.
Hope this Diwali brings in Good Fortune & Abounding Happiness for you my darling boy!

PS, adding some pics about his first Bhai Dhuj as well (

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