Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Are we doing things that bring us joy?

I was just reading Kelle Hampton's blog about Krista who is her intern who happens to have down syndrome. (http://kellehampton.com/blog) The things that Krista is learning in college make me feel both good and a little sad. I had dreams about my Laksh being able to achieve get success and sometimes realizing that he might have to learn skills to be able to live independently that usually comes naturally to most people is a little disheartening. That being said, some years ago, people with DS were institutionalized so this is definitely a move in the right direction.

Anyway, reading her blog, I stumbled upon the entry from today and realized "worrying about things beyond our control" is not something that only I am inflicted with. But her friend did ask a very important question, " Are we doing things that bring us joy?' When I tried answering this question, I realized my answer is no for the most part. We are in that phase of life, where Hubby and I are struggling between trying to make a decent living so we can provide for our baby. In this day to day struggle, we are forgetting to take a minute to enjoy the small things (yes yes I am a fan).

Most of the times, we are just running through the motions and not actually living life. I sometimes see how my friends are managing to travel (a passion of mine) but I am not even able to go to the movies. I want to do so much and yet somehow I end up doing nothing. All I am doing is, going to work and managing to be able to find time to spend with my son. I hate that I don't have the freedom to be able to take time off work or just take a little sabbatical.

I am now deciding that we will do one fun thing every day. It does not matter how grand or how simple that thing is, but we will do it. It does not matter if anyone wants to join us or not but we will do it. As a family, we will do things that bring us joy because that is what life is made up of. Small moments of joy. Good night readers.

                                                    🎃 Happy Halloween 🎃


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