Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Sneak Peak into Laksh's PT session

So Laksh's day started with finally getting sleep after daddy left for work at 7 in the morning. Past two nights he has been waking up every other hour and only sleeps after daddy or I carry him around the room. Yes, it has been super fun getting "the middle of the night exercise". Laksh is making sure mummy gets some walking done, even if it is at 3 in the morning.

So getting back to the point of this blog, Laksh had his PT appointment at 10 this morning instead of his usual 2 pm. So the oversleeping of sorts did not help our case. Laksh and I woke up at 9 (basically slept for 2 hours but 9 is still late for us). Quickly, Laksh and I finished his morning routine and had him changed (diaper and clothes). We were done with his feeding in record time, it was like he sensed the urgency flowing through me and decided to help. He is a good baby.

His PT is very prompt and was here exactly at 10. Today was his 3rd session and Laksh is already showing interest in his exercises and some progress. I have mentioned that before but in case this is the first blog of mine that you are reading, I am a physical therapist and have been doing some exercises for Laksh at home. I also ordered a big red ball for him and have been doing some core strengthening on it.

So today I finally remembered to ask the PT permission to take pictures in the PT session and he agreed so finally I can show what he is doing. First we do some general range of motion exercises for both upper and lower limbs along with scoping (which is mild traction and retraction of larger joints). Followed by rolling and half sitting, make sure that he is sitting at no more than 45 degree.




Moving on to some tummy time with he is hands in front of him, kind of getting him geared for crawling.

sorry its a bit blurred but he kept moving ;)

After rocking his tummy time, we then moved onto the big red ball where he did some bouncing, side to side movement, front and back movements and then rolling on it. This was followed by some tummy time on the ball as well. Most of these exercises are aimed at core strengthening and improving head control.

And, I finally took time to learn how to add videos so here are some on the ball. (BTW, it was super simple, literally had to just click the icon that said video. If only I had looked earlier.)

This is my darling baby chilling after a 45 mins nap post exercise

And my cheerleader while I was writing this blog

Hope this has helped. Please feel free to ask questions. Happy Holidays!

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