Saturday, November 11, 2017

Word of the day "Supplements"

Hello dear readers,

My baby has been the source of joy in my life but sometimes I still end up worried or scared about what his future is going to look like. When I am with him, he is just a baby, my baby. But when I am at work or looking at other peoples babies, I end up worrying about everything. I know I am a "worrier" by nature, always have been and probably always will be but I feel like the more I educate myself, the more I end up feeling lost.

Upon plenty of research, My husband and I have decided to start Laksh on Nutrivene-D and slowly add the entire regime of supplements. But the more I read, the more supplements I come across. Someone in our closed FB group for mom's put this pic up today morning and I found it hilarious. Starting TNI is overwhelming as hell and on top of it, I keep reading about food items that are a no no for babies with DS. What I want to know is, where can I find this list of things to-do and to not do? I want to give my son the best possible support but how do I know if he needs papaya powder or mango powder? How do I know if he needs ECGC or not? Lots of mothers who have been doing this for a while make it seem easy but I know it took them a while to get there and most of them are happy to help.

There is this wonderful mom in that FB group I was talking about earlier, let’s call her SB (not sure if I can mention her real name) who was kind enough to share her protocol with us. Just to give readers an idea if you are blissfully unaware of the sheer amount of hardwork or dedication I am talking about. This is what her day looks like;
                                                 8am - Nutrivene D
                                                           Papaya Powder

                                                  Noon - Polyphenol Support Formula
                                                              Longvida Curcumin

                                                    4pm - Nutivene D
                                                                Papaya Powder

          8pm - Polyphenol Support Formula
Longvida Curcumin
              Nutrivene Nighttime Formula 
Blueberry Polyphenol
Setria Glutathione

And this is just her schedule. Some mom's use other supplements like green tea extracts, mango
powder, Resveratrol, Omega 3 fatty acids, etc.

I love that there are people like Dixie Lawrence and Dr.Elizabeth Hesse Sheehan who are tirelessly working to come up with these supplements and ways to help babies like mine. I know it is selfish of me to say it. but I wish it was a little easier. I wish we didn't need to use so many different supplements in trying to down regulate these over expressed genes. Here is a list of those genes.

MicroRNA 155

What happens if i don''t address the gene over-expression in T21?
People with unaddressed T21, in general have a predictable course of neurological and cellular degeneration.  Dixie Lawrence, Ds biochemist states:

"Because every single person with Ds has at a minimum the critical region of chromosome 21 in triplicate. This means all of our children have the same genes over expressed and are at the very same risk for associated illnesses and diseases including cognitive decline and Alzheimer's Disease. It is the rare Ds individual who survives mentally and physically intact to age 55 and beyond. It is so very rare that it makes the news. Ever read a news story touting the headline "Normal Man Survives to Age 75?" No? It is unlikely that you ever will because normal people, barring illness or accidents, usually live to 75 and older. It just isn't news worthy.
Studies show that by age 40, 100% of all untreated persons with Down Syndrome have Alzheimer's pathology. This means plaque formations are already developed in the brain, with or without full dementia. But, do not count on your untreated child functioning well until age forty. That is only an average. Plaque formation often develops in the first decade and by the early 20's many young adults experience serious decline associated with early onset Alzheimer's Disease."
 You may have a lot to lose, and everything to gain, in the targeted addressment of Down syndrome. Courtesy (

Moral of the story is, we have received our order of NVD and are ready to get our feet wet. Laksh, Hubby, and I are on this journey together and I am sure that slowly we will be able to get a firm hold on this and soon will make it look like a piece of cake. Until then please send some good energy our way dear readers.

Today's thoughts are tomorrow's actions!


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