Friday, November 24, 2017

21 things I am grateful for this Thanksgiving

In this busy life, it is easy to forget what things we have going for us and keep focusing on things that are not. For instance, focusing on not getting the promotion you were gunning for and forgetting to be grateful for having a job. Getting upset over not being able to get that branded bag but forgetting to be grateful for the other bags you already have. Crying over baby having diagnosed with down syndrome at birth instead of being grateful for this tiny miracle you created.(see what I did there 👶❤)

I know this blog is not completely from Laksh's point of view or even fully about him like it usually is, but I needed to put this in writing for him to see when he grows up. It being thanksgiving weekend, I decided to come up with reasons 21 that I am thankful/grateful for this life that God gave us. (21 has become my most favorite number recently, oh & also, it is my birth date)

  1. We have Laksh and he has us
  2. We have a roof over our heads
  3. We have food in our bellies
  4. We have love in our house
  5. We have people that care about us
  6. Laksh has both sets of grand parents
  7. Laksh has two older sisters (cousins but closer than the real deal), aunts and uncles
  8. Laksh has a fur brother
  9. We are healthy
  10. We have an amazing online DS community, our extended family
  11. We have jobs so we can provide for our baby
  12. We have access to great medical care
  13. We became parents
  14. We saw his first smile
  15. We heard his first cry
  16. We celebrated his first Rakhsha Bandhan
  17. We celebrated his first Diwali
  18. We celebrated his first Bhai Dhuj
  19. We celebrated his first Halloween 
  20. We celebrated his first thanksgving
  21. And last but not least, we will have the rest of our lives to see his many firsts and seconds and more.

Never forget to be kind to others as kindness is all that matters. Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours.


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