Saturday, December 2, 2017

A Letter Filled with Love

Hi my cute little bundle of love...

You came in my life when I found out you were in your mummy’s tummy. Since that day, all I have wanted is to see your cute little face. I have wanted to know what you look like, or rather who you look like. Cauz even though it was your parents who took the pain, literally, of giving birth to you, I still wanted to take all the credit and say you look like me. But you don’t. You are way cuter 😍 (When you grow up and get to know me, you’ll understand why this is a huge compliment coming from me.) And trust me I am not calling you cute just because I love you.

I love you is an understatement to describe how I feel about you. I am a very loving person, you know. And very expressive too. I have loved many people in my life... but never did I know the true extent of my love until I became a parent. Though your birth marked the third time, it still felt special and different. I love you (and your brother and your sister) in a way that I cannot explain. 

I am looking forward to the day I will hold you in my arms. I wanna kiss your munchkin little face 😘😘😘 I wanna hug you so tight that you never forget what my presence feels like. I wanna talk to you for hours and listen to you for days. I just can't wait anymore. I will see you soon meri jaan.

You know this journey of ours hasn't been really smooth. First, it was mummy's difficult pregnancy, then you being in the hospital for two months, and amidst that, you being diagnosed with down syndrome. I still remember the day I found out about your extra chromosome, I remember the time.. the day.. I remember where I was.. what I was doing.. Cauz that moment changed my life. What I did next was a reaction that anyone would have. I read and read as much about down syndrome as I could, cauz though I was briefly aware of it, I wanted to dig deeper. 

But the sad part was, all I could read about was the negative things. Things that can go wrong, things that you might not be able to do.. and dreams that we must let go of. And then I cried. And for that my baby, I want to apologize. Then, I read blog articles and many stories on social media, that changed my view. I realized that this extra chromosome can certainly bring challenges, but it can also bring pleasant surprises.Thank you to all those parents who share the stories of their children and give families like ours hope. Thank you for showing us the bright side. Apart from these stories, it was your smile my Laksh that gave me sight to see the positive side of this. That smile is something that I have never seen before. And I don’t say this only because you are my son. I say this because when you smile, you make everyone around you melt.  💕

Here’s a picture to prove my claim. 

I am glad you aren’t like anyone else, cauz that would make you common. But you my love, are rare, just like your Naanu maa 😉

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