Monday, December 4, 2017

Milestone Monday

Dear readers,

It is time for our very first #milestonemonday. I am feeling like such a proud mamma while writing this, my baby is now holding his own bottle (for the most part with occasional help) while drinking milk. 
Here is a picture from this morning while drinking milk in his grandma's lap. ❤

Another milestone that Laksh has mastered is the art of smiling and making the people around him weak in their knees. Here are some pictures to show that;

Another interesting thing he seems to have started doing is, looking like this emoticon : 🙏

Or rocking "dabbing" in his sleep

Example of dabbing for those who are unaware of what it is

He has also started removing his feet from the sides of his crib

And, last but not the least, he is able to hold his head up for a good 15 seconds or more

These are a few of his achievements from the last couple of weeks. We will keep you updated about him and have made this GIF as a thank you from Laksh and all of us. Keep supporting us the way you guys have. It is appreciated and needed. Always be kind dear readers. 

PS: A very happy 37th wedding anniversary to Laksh's Nana and Nani (grandparents)


  1. Loved reading ur blog N specially lovedddd watching his adorable pics and watching him grow in an amazing superbaby ...... loads of love and hugs to that lil munchkin ....


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