Thursday, December 7, 2017

Therapy Thursday

Laksh currently has physical therapy twice a week and his PT has recommended we start him with some OT as well. We are in the process of getting that done. There is just way too much paperwork involved for everything and also it is a bit time consuming. Anyway, whatever he needs.

Laksh has been getting therapy for a couple of weeks now, and my boy is doing his best. I try to get him to do exercises on the day he does not have therapy but working full time and spending way too much time traveling to and from work makes it difficult (disadvantages of working in NYC, everything is just too damn far) to get home before his bedtime.

Day one of therapy:

Laksh and mamma waiting for PT to get home

Starting his session with some range of motion exercise

He then moves on to some massage for his back muscles to improve his tone while weight bearing on his arms.


This is something new that his PT added which highlights his better head control while reinforcing and continuing training his neck muscles to further improve head control

This is just Laksh chilling on his play mat after therapy

Day two of therapy:

Some range of motion exercises for his legs. lease note: both upper and lower limb range of motion exercises are done each session followed by the therapy ball. Have shown only few of the exercises so it does not get too long and repetitive.

This is tummy time along with some lower extremity exercises. Towards the end you can see Laksh look right at the camera and complain to his daddy about how hard we are making him work.

Here he is chilling on his play mat but in a new style where he is now kicking the objects instead of his usual attempts to punch or grip them

Laksh got bored of all the videos his mamma kept taking so he gave me this look.

Hope all these videos are helping you guys. Please feel free to ask me any questions in the comment section. Follow us and spread the word. Thank you guys. Have a nice weekend. 

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